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rainbow elite

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rainbow e l i t e

welcome to rainbow_elite! This community is dedicated to challenges which involve the use of COLORS. 'cause colorfull is the way! Basically the constant subjects of our contests are color palettes or themes, which leaves you the choice to use any fandom you want to icon. This community is co-runned by waaywardson & 12feethigh If you wanna be a part of this community you have to fill in the application post and wait for an answer from both of the mod.
♥ the icons must be made especially for the challenges. ♥ the icons must respect the color themes that we assign in the challenge. ♥ do not copy other people's icons! imagination is more important than knowledge. ♥ all the icons will be public. ♥ the icons must be 100x100 pixels. ♥ before the icon's post can be public it must be approved by one of the mods. ♥ if you partecipate, check and leave a comment in the post of the other participants. ♥ when you post in the community leave 3 icons of the set + a lj-cut.