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challenge 16: good vs evil


New challenge is finally here! I apologize for the delay but I had a lot things to do in the past few days (it's always like this after holidays).
Before the details of the challenge I just wanna take a moment to thank you all. This community was born in Novembre 2012, I was a newbie on livejournal (I still consider myself a newbie, to be honest) and me and the other mod (mel) had no idea we would last this long. Actually, no one believed it. But we're still here and the love you show us in every challenge is really amazing. So, thank you guys, really.

Back to the challenge: I wanted to do something a bit different this time and in the midst of the insomnia I though about the eternal fight between good and evil.


  • You'll have to submit 10 icons, 5 about an evil character and 5 about a good character.

  • Both of them will have to be from the same show.

  • You will have to follow these two palettes:


  • You can mix things up: you can put your evil characters in some of the "good" colors and viceversa as long as there will be 5 icons about evil character and 5 about a good one.

  • You can use the "evil" palette for the good character and viceversa.

  • You can't use the same character for both palettes.

  • You have to do both palettes which means you can't use only 5 of these colors for all of your icons. You have to use them all.

•Sign up with a fandom of your liking, using this form:

when you post your iconstag with your username, the number of the current challenge & the fandom of your icons (ex. user:ameliafolder, challenge 16, tv:once upon a time).
Put three icons in the post as a preview and post the table with all the icons, under the cut.
To post you can use this code, which includes a colour bar above each icon:

Deadline is Wednesday, 15th January.

[Signed Up]
ameliafolder - ONCE UPON A TIME ; GOOD: Emma Swan | EVIL: Regina Mills
spartapuss - SUPERNATURAL ; GOOD: Dean Winchester | EVIL: Crowley
sucksucksmile - SUPERNATURAL ; GOOD: Charlie Bradbury | EVIL: Ruby
dixon - THE VAMPIRE DIARIES ; GOOD: Caroline Forbes | EVIL: Klaus Mikaelson
inalandofgods - REVENGE ; GOOD: Emily Thorne | EVIL: Victoria Grayson
starkwars - HANNIBAL ; GOOD: Will Graham | EVIL: Hannibal
justmyb0nes - STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS ; GOOD: Kirk | EVIL: Khan
Tags: #challengepost, challenge 16
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